Thursday, May 1, 2014

#opgivewarmth {may 2014}

Thanks to everyone who's shown such interest and support in this new endeavor#opgivewarmthover the past month.  It's truly been so rewarding to see your designs pop up on IG and flickr (and in the P.O. Box!)  I'm working on a few tops using April's blocks and can't wait to show you more.

And for those of you who missed out on last month's announcement (or would like a refresher), this project is a monthly callout for charity blocks that will benefit My Very Own Blanket (specifically, children in the Indiana foster care system).  All styles and piecing methods are welcome.  I only ask two things:  (1)  that your block(s) fits a 3" grid system (i.e. finished sizes of 3", 6", 9", 12", 15", etc.), and (2) that they mesh with that (or any prior) month's color palette.

Address for #opgivewarmth blocks:

My Very Own Blanket
c/o Sarah Sharp
P.O. Box 4586
Carmel, Indiana 46082

May 2014 Palette | #opgivewarmth


  1. I quite like this palette. Calming and rich

  2. Yipee. I have some patterns picked out already. I like this palette a lot.

  3. Hi Sarah, this is a comforting palette - no problems here finding suitable matches! I finally figured out how to do the Flickr thing - duh. I hope that my first block reached you!

    1. Fantastic! And I'm so sorry for not replying earlier -- your other comment was filtered out by my gmail (you're a "no reply" account) so I didn't see both until just now ;o) I truly truly appreciate all your support - thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  4. Oooh I love this palette, and my stash is pretty much brimming with these colors since they match my current project! I'm all the way up in mid-coast Maine, but maybe I'll try to get a block to you! I'd love to find a group like this in my area. Is it the same as Project Linus? I know there's a Project Linus drop site in a nearby town. I'll have to do some more research locally. Great palette, and I can't wait to see last month's quilt progress :)

  5. Hi Sarah,
    No longer a "no reply" account I HOPE! I've switched back to blogger (pleasethebees.blogspot) because Wordpress was too cerebral for my small brain! Cannot wait to get May's block or blocks in the mail!

  6. Do you want block makers to stick to the colors pulled out below the picture or is any color in the picture fair game? For example, the skirt looks navy-ish, and that doesn't seem to have been pulled out... Thanks. I hope to be able to get you a block or two this month!


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