An opportunity to give warmth to some of the children who need it most.

Foster care children, by definition, have very little in life.  Many don't even have so much as a personal item to call their own.  As I mentioned in my initial post, I'm inspired to do what I can to change that by joining forces with a non-profit called My Very Own Blanket ("MVOB").  

Each month, I'll post a color palette to the blog (here), flickr group, and instagram (@nohatsquilts | #opgivewarmth) and will ask for anyone interested in helping out to send unquilted blocks whose finished size is a multiple of 3. (Get our your times tables!  ...Or see below for size examples.)  All I ask is that your blocks fall somewhere on that (or any previous month's) color spectrum.  Use one color, use them all—your call.  Likewise, the design is 100% up to you.  Once I receive enough blocks, I'll assemble, quilt (and bind!) them one by one so that they too can make their way to a new home.  And if I'm lucky, we'll have a big enough response that I'll have to get a little help from my local maker friends.  Fingers crossed :o)

Questions? Answers!

What's this for again?
My Very Own Blanket :: Indiana, a fledgling outlet of MVOB that is committed to providing children in the state foster care system with something warm to call their own.

Does MVOB have any locations closer to where I live?
Possibly.  You'll have to check here.  (You'll also want to then touch base with the local group to see if it accepts anything other than finished quilts and blankets).

What size blocks will you accept? 
Any block whose finished size is a multiple of 3!  (e.g.—with seam allowance— 3.5" | 6.5" | 9.5" | 12.5" | 15.5" | 18.5" | 21.5" | 24.5" | etc. | 36.5" | and so on and so forth)

Do you want just blocks?
I'll happily accept other quilt components; for instance, batting and fabric (yardage or precut 2" strips, prepared binding, prepared backing, and the like).

So you don't want finished quilts?
Unless you too live in Indiana, I'm hesitant to accept finished quilts.  I'm not saying that I wouldn't be elated and extremely grateful for your donation, I'm just an especially strong proponent of giving back locally when we're talking about something as involved as a finished quilt.  So if you do happen to feel inspired to make an entire quilt—in an #opgivewarmth colorway or not—I strongly encourage you to seek out someone in need in your area first before heading to the post office.

Speaking of, where should I send these items?
Please send blocks and other items to:

My Very Own Blanket
c/o Sarah Sharp
P.O. Box 4586
Carmel, Indiana 46082

If you could also include a little note letting me know who you are and how to contact you (name | email | blog/IG/flickr/etc. if applicable), I'd greatly appreciate it!

Why should I include my information with the block(s)?
So I know who to thank (and how to credit you!)

How often will you post color palettes?
Monthly.  (The present plan is the first of every month.)

Is there a cutoff date for the monthly color palettes?
Nope!  If you stumble upon this cause in December and really want to make a block in May's colors, by all means, make away for May!  The palettes aren't meant to be hard and fast or restrictive; instead they're just one way to focus our widespread, mishmashed efforts into more readily cohesive designs.

So I can send several months at once?
You bet!  If you do go that route, I'd encourage you to upload images of your blocks to the flickr group or using the hashtag on IG so I'll know to expect them at some point.

Just how closely should I stick to the palette?
Use what you've got; no need to get out the pantone chips.  At the same time, I wouldn't assume that, say, a color such as aqua opens the door to all variations of blue and green, but I would turn to various values of that hue in my stash.

What about neutrals?
Neutrals are great!  Low volume and white/off-white solids are good go-to's.  As you'll notice in time, some palettes will feature gray as a focal color itself, while others (e.g. April's) will include some sort of tan, so just use whichever neutrals you gravitate towards in light of the palette and your design concept for the given month.

What if I don't have any of this month's colors in my stash?
You're always welcome to check out past months' palettes, but if you're still having trouble please email me and we'll work something out.

Are you sure you don't want me to send QAYG blocks?
Yep.  I presume it will be easier and more economical for everyone to slip unquilted blocks into an envelope as opposed to QAYG ones.  Plus, as this is a national/international callout for a relatively local initiative, I feel a certain responsibility to source the more involved tasks of assembly, quilting, and binding closer to the quilts' ultimate destination in Indiana.

How are you going to do all that by yourself?
I'm not!  First, I have you all helping me with blocks.  Second, I'm counting on my local folks to pitch in in the (happy) event I get inundated at any point in time.

I'm local. How can I help?
Get in touch!  Also, she might not know it yet, but my homegirl Heather of Crimson Tate is going to help me organize periodic sew-ins for this cause.  I'll announce those here on the blog, or you are more than welcome to email me to have your contact information added to the distro list for those events (or to discuss other ways to get involved).

I'm in the business and want to donate supplies.  Interested?
Thank you!  Fantastic.  Very interested.  And I think you'll be happy to know that My Very Own Blanket has 501(c)(3)-status, so let me know what you need from us to make this happen.

Your FAQs are useless.  Where can I get some real answers?
Email me (gmail:  nohatsquilts@) and we'll turn that frown upside down.

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