Wednesday, December 10, 2014

painted leaf {igminiswap}

For some reason, I've had an itch to paint these days...

This time, it was painting leaves!  Or one leaf, to be exact.  ...For now.  (Our toddler has now requested a pink leaf.)  Either way, this one was inspired by a recent free people post on IG (no surprise there, right?)

It's splashed with a rainbow of liberty lawn scraps, along with some bright white sundial-esque accents radiating around the stem.

The background is a blend of creamy low volumes to complement the classic liberty hues.  And it's finished off with a slew of straight lines.

Well, mostly straight anyway.  ;o)  The mini measures just under 20" square and will soon be making its way to my #igminiswap partner.  Just as soon as I figure out the best international shipping route... eep!  Here's to hoping my partner can forgive the delay? :)