Monday, June 22, 2015

catching liberty {#dreamcatcherquilt}

Do you ever get an idea so stuck in your head that you can't stop thinking about it, until the time finally comes to get started, and then it feels like a *...meh*—until the very end, when it all somehow comes together even better than you'd imagined it could to begin with?

No? ...Just me?

Welp, I'm there.  With the roygbiv liberty #dreamcatcherquilt.  And if it weren't just a bunch of floating feathers right now I would totally be tempted to stop while I'm ahead.

But, seeing as a dreamcatcher without a hoop would be as effective as a fishing net without the, well, net, that's not exactly a winning option.  So instead, I'm scrutinizing my initial selection for the hoop :: this whimsical Alice in Wonderland-inspired Liberty lawn...

On the one hand, yes, it's a bit busy.  (If you've been here before, you've likely picked up on my tendency to stick to monochromatic everything.)  But when it comes to wild dreams that need some catching... I mean, come on.  So I have to say, multi-coloration aside, I'm inclined to go with my gut on this one.  Not to mention one big upside of bias tape appliqué :: getting to see a little preview before having to commit :o)

Dare I ask for thoughts?



Wednesday, June 17, 2015


A couple months ago, my cousin asked if I would consider taking on a commission project.  Now, I generally don't sell my quilts (because, as Molli and Sam have so thoroughly and expertly explored, "We are $ew worth it.")  But being ever so optimistic about my newfound "free time" (read:  maternity leave), I enthusiastically accepted the challenge :: a skyline-inspired quilt in soft blues, greens, and creams for her best friend's mid-June baby boy.

True to form, I kicked off the chain piecing with a stack of 4" oakshott squares, churning out an array of monochromatic HSTs for the "sky" while I continued to mull over how it would all come together.  Until the mid-June baby turned out to be a mid-May addition, at which point I cleared the design wall and starting shaping out that #cityscapequilt sky.  Once I had found a happy medium (read: gradient), I started piecing some improv low volume buildings to fill in the blanks...

After a little rearranging, and some itty bitty baby building construction...

I was ready to bring it all together.

Quilt it.

And send it to its new home.  (Which, I'm told, was going to be inspired by this serene little Serena & Lily nursery.)

From what I hear, it's a big hit.  Which kind of makes my heart sing.  Loudly ;o)

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