Saturday, May 31, 2014

love liberty? and aurifil? read on!

When I first started collecting liberty last summer to make my double diamond wedding ring quilt, I scoured etsy and ebay for little charm packs to get a small sampling of what evolved into a collection of hundreds of prints.  And then while in Europe for my cousin's wedding last fall, I picked up some celebratory prints from the London mecca itself.

It turns out regularly ordering yardage or crossing the Atlantic every time I need a little more liberty in my life isn't in the cards for me.  But I certainly am open to the idea of picking up a fat quarter bundle every now and again.  And guess what?  Remember how I told you about Massdrop last month and the classic bundle they had on offer?  You know the one...

Well there's another one up for grabs(!)  And guess what? Yours truly picked out the prints (...nervous silence.)  Yay...? Nay...? (Eep!)  But really, tell me what you think or what you'd rather see next time :)  Pretty please?

And as you might've guess from the rather prominent "Print Set B," they're re-offering the classic bundle as well ;o)

So if you missed out last time or are looking to bolster your collection with some new prints, then head on over to the group buy page and join now or commit!  Only need a few more to unlock the lowest price :)  And while you're over there, you might notice that they're rerunning the Aurifil drop, too.

And just kicked off one for OLFA cutters and blades.  So go on!  You know you want to...  And of course spread the word, because the more is truly merrier when it comes to Massdrop ;o)


  1. Right ... I'm off to check that out!

  2. Our bundle is lovely. Some gorgeous prints in that one.

  3. Love those bundles. I am so lucky I can get to Liberty in an hour - and - perhaps even better - Shaukat in the Old Brompton Road - but I'm still tempted!

  4. Lovely bundles! I've been collecting bits and pieces of Liberty on Etsy and am hoping to make a quilt out of it all at some point. I just found out about Massdrop and if they could get some of the special Hello Kitty Liberty on there I would be soooooooo happy. It seems to be harder to find and more expensive so I only have 2 little squares. :)

  5. They both are great if you are into florals!

  6. I want a F8 bundle option of bundle B. Maybe I can find someone to split with me. :)


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