Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#opgivewarmth {june 2014}

Another month gone by means another palette for #opgivewarmth!  I've been a bit absent from the IG hashtag this month but I'll be packing for Camp StitchALot tomorrow night and I can tell you one thing that will definitely be in tow... our April and May blocks!

And for those of you who missed the announcement (or would like a refresher), this project is a monthly callout for charity blocks that will benefit My Very Own Blanket (specifically, children in the Indiana foster care system).  All styles and piecing methods are welcome.  I only ask two things:  (1)  that your block(s) fits a 3" grid system (i.e. finished sizes of 3", 6", 9", 12", 15", etc.), and (2) that they mesh with that (or any prior) month's color palette.

Address for #opgivewarmth blocks:

My Very Own Blanket
c/o Sarah Sharp
P.O. Box 4586
Carmel, Indiana 46082

June 2014 Palette | #opgivewarmth

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  1. I made two 9" (finished) blocks for you! I ran a little late (unsurprising ;) ) so they'll be heading your way early next week.


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