Friday, May 31, 2013

knitting bag {in ghost wing}

My mother-in-law loves to knit, so as soon as I saw the bag Jess made for her mom, I knew exactly what to do for her birthday this year...

Hello field study linen.  Love.  This being my second bag, I have to say it was pretty straightforward (pattern by The Sometime's Crafter).  The toughest thing for me was matching up the wing edges along the pocket overlay:

Fabric selection was definitely inspired by Probably Actually's test run of Noodlehead's super tote.  I ended up buying the print in all three colorways (aqua, dusk {gray} + luscious {this tan}), but there was just something about the golden-hued background that felt right for this particular gift.  

Because the print itself is so large and distinct, I shuffled it up with a mini-patchwork pattern for the bags' sides.  For the lining I used a floral print we'd bought together years ago at a local fabric store (it always felt more her style than my own):

I used feedsack fabric to make the handles (the sides were originally cut from feedsack fabric as well, but then I thought of the patchwork idea and decided to switch gears).  I used natural Aurifil 50wt for piecing, and a double-stitch for the pocket and trim detail.  Dare I say the other ladies in her knitting group are in for some bag envy?  I know I am! ;)


  1. I need me some Field Study in the worst way! I adore the bag you made for your MIL.

  2. Awesome bag Sarah! I love that you lined up the pocket, fantastic work!
    And the field study is perfect!

  3. Fantastic! As a knitter I can say your MIL is going to be very happy with this bag!!

  4. That is lovely. Good work with the pattern matching - it is the extra details like that which really make a difference.

  5. This looks pretty cool for a mother in law! I like the patchowrk on the side more than the feedsack - makes the bag have a nice cohesive darkness to the body and makes the print really come to life - I think.

    Lovely finish!


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