Saturday, May 4, 2013

bloom {bleach} pow

What do you get when you mix Lee's Bloom Bloom Pow quilt along with Rossie's recent fabric bleaching adventures?  Hopefully something good, because that's what's happening in this {house}.

Last night a "sunset-y" spread of fabrics (inspired by the BBP ringleader's recent pull, no less) took a bath in some bleach water (and a rinse in some bleach stop!)  After a quick wash and a mad midnight cutting frenzy, here's what I've got to show for it:

Not terrible, right?  (The creases are pretty bad but the bleaching turned out alright!)  Of course there were five fabrics (not pictured) that didn't change at all:  two reds, an orange, and two yellows.  On the bright side, luckily I had extras and at least it wasn't all the same color group ;)  Now off to do some chain piecing and catching up!

In other unrelated news, I've been gathering supplies like a squirrel collects nuts these days.  Any Aurifil enthusiasts out there?  Then you should definitely check out Sue's shop (she's reduced her prices and is offering an extra 10% almost site wide).  I just picked up quite a few neutral 50wts (medium and light beige, white and off-white) and some 40wts, all together averaging under $6 per 1422yd spool.  {Shipping included.}  Uh.  Yah.  That happened.

505 aficionados?  This guy's got what you want:  17 oz cans of the stuff for $12.49, and superfast shipping.  I ordered several cans because the S&H remains pretty constant no matter how many you order, and I was aiming for, er, economic stashing ;)

Happy Saturday :)
...and Monday!
  Plum and June


  1. Ooh, I can't wait to see what these look like made into a quilt! It's interesting how some of them changed a lot and others not much at all.

  2. Cool! Looks like heaps of fun. Off to check out Sue, you enabler!

  3. Oooooh! Love your bleaching adventures! I can't wait to see how the quilt turns out! : )

  4. This should be pretty cool looking! I love the idea of bleaching the fabrics to get a pair - I might try that with a few of my fabrics. I like Lee's pattern, but couldn't come up with enough light dark shades to make a whole quilt - your method is a nice way to get around that issue - I've bookmarked it so maybe in the future I will be inspired.

    Also - on another note - I nominated you for a Liebster Award - these little awards can be silly but fun. I used it as a way to highlight some of the smaller blogs that I really value and think others should really pay attention to as well. Here is my post:


  5. I love the results! I think this will be excellent for the bloom bloom pow quilt along! Can't wait to see it put together :)

    Coming from Plum and June's Linky party

  6. Those look great! Such a nice mix of colors!

  7. You are brave! And that's how great things happen...can't wait to see how it turns out!

  8. Dropped by from P&J, great work bleaching the fabrics and thanks for the Aurifil link, I popped over and stocked up - great sale prices! :)

  9. I think they call that hording? (Loving the bleached fabrics though. I've been wanting to try something similar.)


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