Wednesday, May 8, 2013

{bloom}ing right along

I've been working through this quilt at a relatively quick clip.  And not just because Lee's offering a linky soon (though that is a nice incentive!)  The main reason is that I needed a finished top stat to test how my {new} new machine handles large quilts.  (Sidenote:  if you have any strong feelings one way or the other about Elna or Pfaff, please please share! I was having issues with my 6-month old Pfaff so my dealer has given me the choice between upgrading to a newly released model or switching to an Elna... and I need help!)  But you didn't come here to read about sewing machines, now did you?  ;)

I've been toying with my BBP layout and I think this is my favorite...

But here were the other contenders:

Trying to steer my helper clear of the family room floor while I think about it ;)  I generally wanted the pinks/reds starting in one corner, and the oranges/yellows in the other.  Otherwise I didn't really have an agenda aside from spreading the various values (and insufficiently bleached "blobs"!) across the quilt.  Did I pick the right one?!  Can you even tell a difference? :)

Update:  Top is finished!  Stuck with layout #1:

And oh how pretty are those open seams? ;)

I've also been doing a little sewing for my birthplace of Boston.  Being the BB Encyclopedia junkie that I am, I found a block titled, "Boston Pavement" (#2726) (perfection!) and fell in love.

Very steam punk-y (aka Air Ship Propeller, BB #3499), minus the curved piecing and appliqued center.  (And the blades here are the skinny sections vs. the chubbier steam punk ones).  This is the first of several I plan to incorporate into some "To Boston With Love" flags.  They'll finish around 5" square when set in the flags.

Now, off to rescue my quilt layout from a toddler tornado! Linking up with Lee at freshly pieced ;)


  1. That is a very pretty BBP quilt top! I don't know which lay-out would be best, I love them all!
    Gorgeous Boston block too!!!

  2. Thanks very much for visiting my blog and for your comment. It's nice to see your Bloom Bloom Pow, it's looking great. I was really interested to read what you did with the bleach I might have to try that some time.

  3. I like the first layout the best. And I really love the colors you picked for this quilt.

  4. Pretty layout! It's fun to watch this QAL and to see some quilts with different fabrics :)

  5. Well I don't know which layout I like best (I like them all) but I do know that I love those colors! :)

  6. Great layout! Re elna vs pfaff, when buying my current machine, I was advised to go either pfaff or bernina - I adore my bernina but have heard great things about pfaffs too. Good luck, it is a tricky decision!

  7. Really like your cartwheel layout! I've seen some of the Steam Punk blocks around, and yours are fantastic!

  8. Such a fab version! Love it!

  9. I can't believe how fast this came together! Pairing the bleached and unbleached fabrics is a really neat idea.

    I stared at the two layouts for probably a full minute without noticing a difference. But once I did, I liked the one you chose better.

  10. Beautiful quilt! And wow, the Boston block is fabulous. Looks MUCH easier than Steam Punk--my pattern just came the other day.

  11. Your BBP top is gorgeous! I love the open seams shot! Ideas on quilting yet?

  12. Yours is the best! I can see that you are very clever..


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