Tuesday, April 30, 2013

scrappy {selvage} st. louis 16 patch

I've been dutifully saving selvages ever since setting eyes on this lovely (you can see Jacquie's finished quilt here).  And by "saving," I mean {generously} trimming selvages before tossing the fabric into the wash (yep, I'm in that camp).

Let's just say that after four years of conscious collection, that s* adds up!  As in, almost seven pounds! {Not including the crate ;)}  To be honest, I always figured I would make that spiderweb quilt (still might!), but these slivers just weren't screaming spiderweb to me anymore.  Enter the st. louis 16 patch (aka BB #1102a, "Mosaic #20").  "Quick and oh so easy"?  Yes please!  Scrappily strip-pieced?  Sold.  And whadda ya know... just in time for string fever ;)

So my selvage elf diligently dove in, meticulously sorting through scraps...

That is, until she started nodding off on the job.

While she snoozed, I managed to pick up her slack in the sorting department...  {Imagine that!}

Get a little bit organized...

And even start sewing ;)

Okay, so I didn't get too far on the sewing front.  But I did manage to cut enough strips for at least 12 more blocks, so keep an eye out for those because this addictive endeavor is officially underway!

Of course, I hadn't been crazy enough didn't have the forethought to trim a full 4" strip along the selvage of each and every (or any) fabric, so I had to scale down the finished square size from 3 1/2" to 1 5/8".  Admittedly, doing so sort of negates the "quick" factor that originally lured me in as I'll need four times as many blocks for every one of Steffani's, but I think it'll be worth it to finally get some use out of these trimmings ;)

If this simple goodness sparks your fancy, be sure to check out Steffani's tutorial* for the "how to" and join Katy's flickr group for the "let's do this!"

*As I'm using selvage pieces, I did make a few modifications to her instructions.  I'll post a {modified} tutorial once I finish the quilt (I'm using very, shall we say, modest seam allowances along the selvage edges and want to make sure they hold up in the wash before I go on blabbing about how to do what I'm doing).


Happy Wednesday!  So tell me, any other selvage hoarders out there or am I by my lonesome?  {And if you don't want 'em, I'll gladly take them off your hands!}

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  1. Hah. Definitely not the only selvage hoarder! I had a box of them. Boxes, plural. And little containers with them stuffed inside. It was bad. BAAAAD. :)

    I'm intrigued by what you're doing with yours though - the St Louis 16 block - I've never seen that done before - lovely work!

  2. Ooooh this is going to be fab! I do save selvedges but I only have a smallish bag - yours are amazing!

  3. This will be interesting! Sometimes we need easy and quick. Quick even more than easy. ;) Btw, loooove the scales.

  4. They will look awesome! Your little one falling asleep amongst the selvedges is too cute!!

  5. Sorry no - I don't save selvedges even if I can certainly see I ought to :)

  6. What a fun project! I've started saving selvages...but I have no idea what I will do with them.

  7. Wow, that's a lot of selvages but looks like you'll be putting them to a great use!

  8. Better than store bought toys :) I've been collecting selvage for years and finally came up with a reason to use them I want to sew fabric baskets to store my other scraps in - now I just have to actually do it.

  9. So wonderful that you're using every last bit of your pricy fabric, and it's going to be gorgeous. Adorable selvage elf!

  10. Wow, that's some selvedge dedication! It's a little inspiring because I'm a little jealous of the awesome quilt St. Louis you are making!


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