Wednesday, July 24, 2013

poolside bundle {in the house}

When I entered my mosaic into Sew Fresh Fabrics's Summer Bundle Contest over at Lily's Quilts, it was in a "well-I-know-I-have-a-million-other-things-on-my-to-do-list-but-let's-push-all-that-off-just-a-bit-longer-while-I-compile-a-nice-little-bundle-of-blues-here-in-the-kitchen-at-midnight" kind of a way.  Did I think anything would come of it?  Not really.  {Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty great assortment of fabrics (if I may), but there were plenty of other amazing entries, too.}

So you can imagine my surprise as I'm perusing Lynne's blog last month and happen upon this very familiar-looking array of pool-blue fabrics (available now over at Sew Fresh Fabrics!)...

(!)  And then, as if it couldn't get any sweeter, look what showed up on my doorstep the other week (on my birthday, of all days!)  Thank you Peg and Lynne!

Now that's my kind of icing ;)

Naturally, I wanted to share my good fortune, so I'm working on a new pattern featuring these lovelies and will be offering it {on the house} as soon as it's properly tested, tweaked, and prettied up on {digital} paper ;)  Of course it's all in my head at this point so if for some reason it's a flop (there are curves involved! Eep!), rest assured I'll be sharing something with you, whatever that might be, when all is said and done.

Added bonus?  Looks like quite a few (if not all!) of these beauties will go perfectly with last week's succulent-inspired pull.  And on that note, while I love snapping beauty shots of fabric stacks, I love sewing with them even more.  T-minus one week-ish till I can pry the padlock off my machine.  Stay tuned, friends ;)

Linking up with Lee of freshly pieced, as this is very much a work in progress (read:  patience is a virtue!)


  1. Ohhh... gorgeous! That's my favourite kind of happy mail too!! :)

  2. Gorgeous colours! Really enjoying your second last photo!

  3. I love these fabrics! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. You lucky, lucky girl!! What a gorgeous stack of lovelies! Can't wait to see where they go!

  5. How nice! Lovely and I'm looking forward all those projects!

  6. Congrats. What a sweet bday surprise too. Did I say happy birthday back then? If not, happy belated birthday!

  7. Oh man, what a beautiful bundle! I could dive right into it! Also YES CURVES. I want sneaky peeks! I finished up my improv curves tutorial and now I just need to wait for Lynne to post it. So it all comes full circle.

  8. Nice win! This is a gorgeous bundle and I can't wait to see your new pattern. Hang in there!

  9. Oh I just saw this bundle in the shop today and thought it looked fantastic! Well done and yay for fabric goodness on your birthday! Hope it was a fab day!


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