Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a communal cup o' tea

Sarah Fielke might be the coolest quilter I wish I knew.  (It's true!)  Not only does she spell her name with an "h" (is there any other way?, asks fellow Sarah with a "h"), but she also co-authored the first "modern" quilting book on my bookshelf, Material Obsession (since rivaled only by Material Obsession 2 and her own Hand Quilted With Love).

As if that weren't enough, she's currently calling for us, admirers near and far, to stitch up an "All That and the Hatter" cup for a virtual teatime of sorts.  The culmination of all that clinking china?  Her first community quilt.  Brilliant.

She said she'd be happy to share a copy of the teacup pattern with anyone who needs it.  For that and other important details (e.g. design specs and the December 1 deadline), see her Birthday Quilt Along post.

So.  Will you rise to the call {of a quilting great!} and raise your pinky at her tea party?

P.S.  When she says "clear colours," that means pure, right?  Knowing her style, I get the feeling it's as far from gray as possible... ;)


  1. I love love love her too! And I'm another "sarah with an h" so I guess I better sign up!!

  2. oh no, i can't agree with the silent H. why add a letter when it's completely superfluous?

    i admire her style very much though. looks like a fun project!

    -says Sara spelled the proper way.


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