Friday, July 12, 2013

gray is a color, too!

When I entered this tartan top into Rachel of Stitched in Color's "Festival of Strings" at the end of May, I couldn't help but smile upon seeing my (since completed) grayscale plaid amidst all the other, much scrappier and eminently more "colorful" creations in the show.  Dare I say clashed?

Well, as soon as I saw that Rachel-the-queen-of-color was hosting a "Clashy Bright" mosaic contest sponsored by Marmalade Fabrics, guess what popped into my head?

That's right.  GRAY.  In all its glory.  Because gray, my friends, is a color too.    It's the mist rising in the cool morning air.  Stones skipping across a lake in the summertime.  It's the color of pearls glistening in the moonlight.  It's the rain tapping, lulling on a tin roof during a late spring storm.  And gray is the trail of a pencil on paper as it's furiously trying to keep pace with a vivid imagination.  

My personal favorite?  The gravel crunching under the tires as the family car turned into Bochie's driveway every summer during my childhood.  That color symbolized a sound that could only mean one thing:  we were finally there.

...So, is gray feeling a little more bright and colorful, now?  I certainly hope so.

{Removing self from soapbox.}  

Now, be sure to check out all the other entries {or enter yourself!} ;)  I get the feelingas happened last timemine will tend to clash.

gray can be loud, too!


  1. I'm totally not clashy bright so I'm not even trying to put these together. I live in the house that is grey. Two lovely shades of grey, lol. Seems like we have couple thing in common. Grey is definitely my color too.

  2. Grey is one of the most versatile and fabulous colours out there. I use it all the time to tame my wild colour choices.

  3. I just love this! I think for something to look really bright it needs to contrast with something else, and you can really see that in action with your choices! Love those little hits of color against the white and gray background.

  4. Couldn't agree more: of all the colours, I think grey is the most elegant, and versatile. There's a shade of grey for everyone, and it goes with absolutely everything.

  5. Every room in my house is painted in different shade of grey! My fave! Love your collection!

  6. I'm with all above, grey just goes with everything :)

  7. Gray is glorious! A color that has for to long been pushed aside. Gray is the best of both black and white but with a feeling all it's own.


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