Thursday, June 27, 2013

phoebe, gladys + the ahsoka gang

As some of you might know, I pattern-tested an Ahsoka Tano {LEGO} block for Kristy of Quiet Play earlier this week:

Then, I almost peed my pants laughing when I watched the clip that Sarah of Sew What Sherlock? mentioned after reading my post about the backstory of this particular project.  If you've seen the episode, the similarities are (embarrassingly) striking.  But in case you too somehow missed it in spite of all the reruns (as did I!), enjoy:

Honestly, this was so perfect that the previously unnamed "other Lady" block will now officially (and affectionately!) be addressed as "gladys."  {I'm beaming and blushing at the same time; why is this both hilarious and humiliating?!}.  The icing on top?  True to character, I'm way more of a Phoebe, and Mr. Clean is absolutely a Monica.  Eep!

So, having gotten an itch to move this project along (thanks, Sarah!), I decided to start mapping out a few layout ideas.  When I decided to turn this into something more than a one-off, I knew I wanted to use neutral scraps for the face, shoulders and background, then color the "hair stripes" with prints from my stash + scrap bin in a semi-ROYGBIV type way:

Working within those colorways alone would yield 12 blocks.  At 10" each, they'd make for a pretty modest quilt.  Probably somewhere around  ~40" x 50" with the addition of some color-coordinated scrappy star sashing (imagine those teeny tiny stars sprinkled along the white lines below):

And a baby blanket is just not exactly what I had in mind.  Which means I can try one of three things:

1.  Come up with a few more color combinations (conveniently, Jess of The Elven Garden recently announced a brilliant Colour Theory for Quilters Series, which is mid-way through and could come in quite useful for this).
2.  Scale up the pattern to, say, a 15" block (...though that could increase "The Lady"-esque scare factor!), or
3.  Pipe down and make doubles, triples, or quintuples (?!) using different fabrics in the same colorway.  My initial reaction is that anonymity (i.e., bigger) would be better here... à la "Where's Waldo?" (too few faces could come across overly militaristic, and that would not help my "Let's make this fun not scary" mission):

 No? Just me?  (Side bar:  the actual layout would be a little more robust; please excuse the skinny sketch).

What do you think?

Linking up with the pattern designer herself ;)

And, since you could've only made it this far down the page if you too have an affinity for this meticulous method, be sure to check out the paper-pieced quilts on display at Quilting Gallery starting Friday afternoon.  The kicker?  One commenter over there will win a set of my birthstone quilt block patterns, plus a handful of diamond-gray solids to give your bling stash a little boost.  And in honor of the event, I'm offering both patterns at 10% off through the Fourth holiday ;)

Go on, get yo'self some!  And be sure to visit the other paper-piecing adventures linked up at Quiet Play!

Paper Piecing Party


  1. Ooh ambitious quilt but what a cool idea! Almost a bit Andy Warhol but without the brightly coloured backgrounds ;)

  2. Honest? I love rainbow and ROYGBIV quilts but I don't think this pattern show much of the colors. To me it's not worth the effort. There is no jaw dropping effect on this one for me. Sorry.

  3. I spy Ashoka! Brilliant idea. You could spin that idea by making twos in a memory game way but keep the original/Waldo single. You'd have to leave one spot open for it to work. Like in those games from our youth. Do yo know what I'm talking about? Those plastic puzzle thingies which you had to move around to create the actual picture. Scrambled puzzles in English as my googling just dug up. Schiebe-Puzzle-Spiel is rather technical to put it, I guess. Lol.

    Btw, now I know why your ugly lady story seemed so familiar! Lol.

  4. Hahahaha! So funny :) But I'm thrilled you are making this quilt, whichever form it ends up taking.

  5. I really like this idea! I actually think fewer, bigger blocks would create a really cool effect in that you could only really look at one head at a time, which would draw attention to their separateness, even though the design of the whole thing would still be harmonious. But that's a non-quilter's opinion.

    We're actually looking for quilting inspiration at Kollabora, the online crafting community I'm part of. Maybe you could join and post this?

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