Wednesday, June 19, 2013

amethysts + airplanes {...but mostly the latter}

Since nap time quilt number three skipped ahead of (what's now become) nap time quilt number four in the WIP line, I figured I might as well brush the dust off some of the more dormant items on my "to do" list.

So I cut into a few more purple solids and started piecing amethyst sections.  And then I rationalized thought to myself, if I'm working on the front, why not spend a little time on the back while I'm at it?

For quite some time, I've had an artsy floral stash print in mind:

But I wanted a little something extra, so I decided to fashion a few jet planes from these fiery oranges:

I'm realizing now that "fiery" is perhaps the *worst* adjective to describe absolutely anything associated with an aircraft, but they are!

I have to say, when I uncovered Amy of badskirt's impromptu airplane blocks what feels like ages ago, it was love at first sight.  C'mon, what's not to love about these whimsical little air carriers? Tall and skinny? Check.  Short and stout? Why yes!  A little something for everyone ;)

I also happen to be a sucker for symbolism, and let's just say this airborne motif couldn't be more fitting for its recipient ;)

The only thing left to decide?  Their orientation.  They could fly wing-to-wing (soaring towards an open sky, with the purple print trailing the tail end):

Or nose-to-tail, flying single file along the length of the floral fabric:

When I originally envisioned this backing, I pictured single-file planes.  But ever since laying them out side by side, I'm loving the idea of the floral "smoke" billowing behind this little fleet ;)  Hmph.  Thoughts?!

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  1. LOVE the colors you chose! I love both but I think I like the second better :) Whatever you choose will work, though!

  2. Great planes! I love the colour palette too - and how each one has it's own little personality. Have fun playing with layouts. :)

  3. Pretty colors!! I like the idea of the floral smoke billowing out; very creative!!

  4. Love them!! I like them wing to wing like an airshow, with floral smoke... awesome!

  5. I love the colors! I would choose to put them nose to tail.

  6. Those are some smokin' little airplane blocks! I have to say, I like the single file version in the second setting best. But did enjoy your description of floral smoke...


  7. Hahaha - I laughed at your "fiery" line…!

    Both arrangements look great though I'd be tempted to arrange them in a V-shape with smoke and call it a "formation". Either way, they're fantastic!


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