Thursday, January 10, 2019

adventures book tour: Snooze

 Karlee Porter is amazingly talented. 'Nuff said.

QUILTER: Karlee Porter
QUILT: Snooze

Tell us about yourself! What’s something people might not expect (or already know) about you?
I am a Native Utahn, Wife of almost 10 years, and a mother of One. I am an absolute quilting fiend and just tolerate all the other parts of the process of quilt making- which is why most of my quilts are whole-cloth. I don’t mind piecing or binding, but for me, quilting is where the magic happens. Some random things you may not know about me, in no particular order:

I am an avid Stand-Up Paddleboarder. I love to be outside in the sun. I am also a passionate hand-letterer and writer. I can put my foot behind my head and my fingers are double-jointed. I am exceptionally good at writing raps, but I don’t really enjoy rap music. I get way too much satisfaction when putting things in rainbow order, and in another life, I would be a professional dog trainer. Thats probably enough things that you wouldn’t expect from me… haha.

Can you provide some background on how you approach quilting customer quilts generally? What types of things do you typically consider?

The very first thing I consider is the client's desires. Some clients know EXACTLY what they want, and just need me to be the vessel that executes it (which I love) and other clients put quite a bit of faith in my quilting intuition. I love making the quilting process a collaboration for the quilt top maker, because after all, they are more important than I am. I also try to be mindful to HOW the quilt will be used, because in that case- density is everything. For “Snooze”, I really just loved this process because I truly feel like it encapsulated a true collaboration between Sarah and me. I love that she wants me to let my quilting work shine, but in a way that compliments HER design work so gracefully. It’s funny, because growing up (and even still) I consider myself a pretty solid Alto singer. Not great on my own, but when backing up the right soprano, can bring tears to your eyes. I love being the solid wingman when I quilt, and I just feel like Sarah and I jive so well when combining our aesthetics into a cohesive quilt. Sarah, I’ll back you up any day.

What influenced your quilting choices for this particular design?
The goal with “Snooze” was to really accentuate the piecing design that was already there. We had a very deliberate conversation about wether or not I would quilt clock hands into this piece, and decided against it because we agreed that the theme of the quilt was about losing track of time. I loved that I got to accentuate the clock face with Graffiti Quilting going outward, but only 2 rows worth. I think that was a smart decision because again, it kept the focus on the Z’s- which are the star of the quilt.

Were there other ideas that came to mind? Are there any alternative quilting schemes you’d care to share? (can include drawings/sketches or just descriptions)

Like I stated above, we toyed with the idea of making it look more like an actual, illustrative clock. I am glad we didn’t. I feel like this quilt turned out exactly how it needed to be. I also want to point out that through this process, as I would draw various quilting suggestions and send them to Sarah, sometimes we both just knew when things were off the mark, and it was so easy to correct them without any weird tension. I think for me, it makes me appreciate her work even more, just because she is such a phenomenal human being.

Any specific tips or resources for our readers who might be struggling with how to quilt this (or other) designs?
-Don’t be too hard on yourself.
-Don’t feel like you have to keep your quilt the same orientation the whole time. This is a circular design, if you need to rotate your fabric to feel comfortable, do it!
-If you are super worried about your quilting skills, perhaps try quilting something similar to this, but with blending thread.
-Pick up my best-selling Free-motion quilting technique book “Graffiti Quilting”.

What machine do you quilt on?I have a few different quilting machines that I use, depending on the project that I am working on. My entire quilting machine line-up is Handi Quilter, and this particular quilt was done on my HQ Infinity 26” Longarm

How can our readers keep up with you on social media? (website, blog, instagram, etc.)

IG: @karleeporterdesign
Facebook: Karlee Porter Design

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Saturday January 26 – Recap and Photography

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  1. What a beautiful quilt with gorgeous quilting.

  2. Snooze is gorgeous! The quilting really takes it over the top and I love graffiti quilting!

  3. I love everything about this quilt! The quilting is amazing and perfectly accentuates the ‘Z’s’!

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