Saturday, January 12, 2019

adventures book tour: Prickly Path

QUILTER: Angela Walters
QUILT: Prickly Path

Photo by Eric Lubrick (

Tell us about yourself! What’s something people might not expect (or already know) about you?
I live in a rural community and have a bunch of kids....and by that I mean goats!! I love how cute they are, they are a great stress relief!! 

Can you provide some background on how you approach quilting customer quilts generally? What types of things do you typically consider?
I like to know what the customer loves most about their quilt. Is it the pattern, the fabric choices, or the quilting they want to be highlighted the most?

Photo by Eric Lubrick (

What influenced your quilting choices for this particular design?
I loved all of the negative space in this quilt to really allow my imagination to take over! I thought the different quilting in each white space really highlighted the beauty of this pattern!
Were there other ideas that came to mind? Are there any alternative quilting schemes you’d care to share?
Not really! LOL!! 

Any specific tips or resources for our readers who might be struggling with how to quilt this (or other) designs?I would say to draw out your designs first and plan where you are going to go before you are going there. I love to take a picture on my phone and then use an app on my phone to audition different designs in the spaces. You could also print out a picture of your quilt top and try drawing out different designs. 

What machine do you quilt on?
I use a Handi Quilter Avante! I just love my longarm!! 

How can our readers keep up with you on social media? (website, blog, instagram, etc.)
You can find me on I am also on Instagram as @Angelafmq and Facebook at Machine Quilting by Angela

Photo by C&T Publishing


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