Monday, January 7, 2019

adventures book tour: Plant Lady

The book tour kicks off today with Heather Givans, so be sure to visit her (@crimsontate | to see what plant-inspired goodness she's working on!

In the meantime, I thought it'd be fun to feature mini-interviews throughout the tour with each of the six brilliant quilters who quilted tops for the book.

Photo: Eric Lubrick

First up? Marion McClellan (aka @MyQuiltDiet), who quilted Plant Lady (aka THE COVER QUILT!)

Photo: C&T Publishing

QUILTER: Marion McClellan
QUILT: Plant Lady

Tell us about yourself! What’s something people might not expect (or already know) about you?
My name is Marion Ford McClellan.  I was named after my amazing grandmother.  I started longarm quilting in May of 2015.  I come from a whole family of artists.  I had wondered my whole life where my inner artist was.  I found her the day I started longarm quilting.

Can you provide some background on how you approach quilting customer quilts generally? What types of things do you typically consider?
When I quilt for a customer, I ask them to show me things I have done that they like.  Most importantly, I ask them to share any quilting motifs that they don't like.  Knowing what they do not like, is the most important thing.

What influenced your quilting choices for this particular design?
In any quilt, knowing what the "star" of the quilt is, is key.  For this quilt, it was obviously the plants.  I needed to chose motifs that lended to the beauty of the focus of the piece.  I chose to make the "shelves" all of the same.  I chose dense quilting for behind the plants to make them pop.  I kept the quilting sparce on the actual plants so they would appear to pop off of the quilt and really stand out.  The trick with quilting, is that it is meant to enhance the artistry of the designer, not take over the design.

Any specific tips or resources for our readers who might be struggling with how to quilt this (or other) designs?
It is always best to focus on motifs that you do well and then gradually build on them.  If you are really good at stippling, then fool around with the size of the stipple. Once you are feeling confident in the stipple, add some loops.  Most quilting motifs build on eachother.  As you gain more experience, you will be able to add in new motifs.

What machine do you quilt on?
I quilt on a Gammill 30" 

How can our readers keep up with you on social media? (website, blog, instagram, etc.)
Instagram: @MyQuiltDiet  

Photo: Eric Lubrick

January 7 – 26, 2019
Monday January 7 - Plant Lady
Heather Givans (@crimsontate |
Featured Quilter: Marion McClellan (@myquiltdiet)
Tuesday January 8 - Graffiti FPP
Wednesday January 9 - Design Prompt No. 1 - Learning by the Letter
Giuseppe Ribaudo (aka Giucy Giuce) (@giucy_giuce)
Thursday January 10 - Snooze
Featured Quilter: Karlee Porter (@karleeporterdesign)
Friday January 11 - Design Prompt No. 2 - Traditional with a Twist
Saturday January 12 - Prickly Path
Anneliese Johnson (@eyecandyquilts |
Featured Quilter: Angela Walters (@angelafmq)
Featured Fabric Designer: Alison Glass (@alisonglass)

Monday January 14 - Design Prompt No. 3 - Objects
Alison Robins (@littleislandquilting)
Tuesday January 15 - Voodoo Feathers
Jennifer Sampou (@jennifersampou |
Wednesday January 16 - Design Prompt No. 4 - Creatures
Anne Sullivan (@playcrafts |
Thursday January 17 - Folksy Friends
Raquel Olivo (@raquelsews)
Featured Quilter: Kathleen Riggins (@kathleenquilts)

Friday January 18 - Design Prompt No. 5 - Think Outside the (Square) Block
Saturday January 19 - Fireflies
Sarah Lauzon (@cera.bee |
Featured Quilter: Rachael Dorr (@rachaeldorr)

Sunday January 20 - Sunday Book Review!
Sarah Ashford (@sarahashfordstudio)
Tuesday January 22 - Design Prompt No. 6 - Repeat Designs
Wednesday January 23 - Jungleview
Merran Fryer (@123bluejumper)
Thursday January 24 - Design Prompt No. 7 - Single Foundation Paper Piecing
Jamie Swanson (@jamiemswansonquilts)
Friday January 25 - Double Diamond Wedding Ring
Elisabeth Hardy (@elisabew |
Featured Quilter: Andrea Munro (@practicaldazzle)

Saturday January 26 – Recap and Photography
Eric Lubrick (@ericlubrick |
Photo: Eric Lubrick

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