Monday, May 11, 2015

folksy fish {new patterns!}

For those of you who keep up with me on IG, these fish aren't exactly news.  Over the past several weeks (or has it been months?) I've been piecing together an arsenal of scandinavian-inspired fish.

It all started with a bit of oakshott and some scraps from my friend Heather of Crimson Tate's new fabric line, Succulents.


And then I ventured into Doe territory (somewhat prophetic, given that it was right around the time I decided my next Succulent Path would be a mash up of the two lines).

On to my itty bitty scrap packs of Karen Lewis Textiles...

And of course I couldn't resist digging into my Liberty lawns...


Or the teensy bit of Anna Maria Horner in my stash (I know, blasphemy)...

Or capping them off with a cheeky bit of cotton + steel (you know, the catfish).

Now the only question is, when do I stop? ;o)  Certainly not just yet.  Not now that I've recently come into a charm pack of Gardenvale courtesy of my friend Amanda of Material Girl Quilts (she's closing up shop to focus on patterns, so grab her inventory while you can!)

As for these little fishies, if you'd care to sew a school of your own, you can get the patterns in my craftsy or etsy shops (the eight designs to date are available in two sets :: angular and linear in my Folksy Fish pattern).

angular series {nos. 1-4}

linear series {nos. 5-8}

And tell me, what other creatures should join this crew, fish or otherwise?  I've been sketching a few tribal-inspired designs, along with a few curve-free fellows.  Let me know if you can think of anything else you'd like to see in this sea!

Thanks for stopping by :)




  1. I love these fish! I've been waiting so patiently to see what they would all become together!

  2. These are such cool fishes! Fishies? Fish? You could add a big shark, or jellyfish? Or a cuddlefish!

  3. These are adorable! I'll be checking out the pattern!

  4. It's a bit sinister but I can see an open mouthed crocodile chasing them...!

  5. A starfish and octopus would be nice! :)

  6. I love your fish! Especially this navy one, a bit fat:D

  7. I see some vertical strips of seaweed in their future, cut from some yummy cool greens and low volume - free hand, gentle curves then pieced into a manageable strip ? They (the fish) could peek out from behind some of that wavy goodness.
    I also was thinking an octopus, starfish or jelly fish could be interesting - as mentioned above........

  8. Brilliant!!! I need a jelly fish or some other vertical fellow... is a fisherperson too trite? And a nice octopus arm reaching out to be a bit cheeky would be fun! So inspiring as always!! XX!

  9. So cool! After looking at each fish it was so hard to pick a favorite! I lovoe this! Maybe some seaweed would be cool!

  10. I cannot even put into words how these fish make me feel, they are so, sooooo amazing. Awesome!

  11. I don't know how I'm just now seeing this...but I LOVE them all together!!! And thanks for the shout out on my destash ;-)

  12. This is amazing! Love every one

  13. I love these fish! how about a green sea turtle. Just reminds me of Maui! I guess I'm going to buy these over the weekend! can you use a charm pack with these?

  14. Hi! This is so amazing! I looooove your creative fishes! Crabs are great, if you like to add something else. x Teje

  15. I absolutely and in love with this quilt. It is for sale? Can I purchase it? Please email me at

  16. I love your fish! I have just begun making some of them for a baby quilt for a special person. I would love seaweed, a seahorse and maybe a mermaid! I am going to add a bit more negative space with some additional pieced "water" to mine as I need to finish it before that baby is born! My first fishy took me about 5 hours to make. I am thinking that I would love a pieced alphabet to personalize the baby quilt too. thanks for the pattern!

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