Wednesday, March 25, 2015

painted leaf quilt no. 2 {#auctionforeleni}

A few weeks ago, I—along with the rest of the online quilting community—learned of Rachel of Stitched in Color's devastating news:  her daughter, Eleni, had been born with complications.  A turn of events sure to break any parent's heart.  Because when everything is said and done, little matters more than the health and happiness of our children.  

As if on cue, the instagram community rallied together with #flowersforeleni, followed shortly thereafter by #auctionforeleni.  Wanting to do something for the Hausers, I turned to a recent colorway inspired by a painted fish (yes, more paint!) we picked up in my dad's hometown and a surprisingly complementary pack of Karen Lewis Textile *tiny* scraps:

After making a few tweaks to the original painted leaf design, I got to work with my new color palette, adding a handful of liberty lawns to fill in the gaps.

For the background, I once again turned to the quieter side of my stash.  I then straight-line quilted it just in time for last weekend's auction.

Truth be told, I don't know that I'll ever tire of the scrappy, low volume look.  But maybe that's because I'm currently surrounded by it...

(Those are my oakshott and low volume "inside addition" blocks, which are patiently waiting in line to be pieced into a top.  More on that later.)  

Overall the auction raised over $12,600 for the Hausers.  $12,618.08, to be exact.  How amazing is that?  (And of course a massive personal shout out to Rachel for contributing $150 for this mini!)  And in other news, who knew that quilted minis could stick to a design wall?  Not me!  But maybe that's because I've only had said design wall going on two weeks now.  ;o)  Wonder what else I'll learn?

For all you tiny piecing dare devils out there, the Painted Leaf pattern is now available on craftsy (here) and etsy (here).


  1. Oh man that piecing is teensy weensy!! How sweet of you to auction it off for such a great cause, as well. :) Beautifully done!!
    Also, I can't leave without mentioning that OMGAMAZING oakshotts+lv quilt. Holy crap, woman!!

  2. What a beautiful, thoughtful contribution. I love the leaf quilt, but I'm also,gasping over the larger quilt in progress. Can you tell me what that pattern is? I love it so much!

  3. I love your leaf quilt. The larger one that you are working has a great color layout, love it too. Blessing to the little one and hoping that she will be healthy one day. Mom of a special needs son.

  4. I thought I read the pattern was in your Craftsy store.... Has it been taken down? It was on my quilty to do list for my #pinterestBOM! I love it!!

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