Monday, September 1, 2014

#opgivewarmth {september 2014}

Every month I flip through my favorites (on bloglovin and flickr) to find palette inspiration for #opgivewarmth.  Evidently I'm somewhat predictable, as—more often than not—subdued and mostly-monochromatic color stories beat out the more erratically vibrant (and often multicolored) ones.  And that's just based on what makes it into my favorites to begin with, so I know there's a world of color combinations that I'm passing by!

In an effort to avoid becoming totally redundant—and while I take inventory of the hues we've used thus far—, I'm going with a neutral, plume-inspired collection of earthy taupes and smokey grays for September.  Mostly because I love it, but also because I'm certain this one is entirely unlike any other month's. ;o)  Plus I have just the right fabric stack in mind...

So there's that. ;o)  And as a PSA for anyone who doesn't yet subscribe to Michael's newsletter:  Oakshott is currently holding its summer clearance sale (with free shipping on large orders) through September 8!  Some of my favorites (including Lyon, Summer Stripe and Impressions) are available for $7-$10 per meter, which, I have to say, is a *steal* for this ethically-produced, dreamily iridescent goodness.  A s-t-e-a-l.  So go on now, have a look.  And if you happen to make something inspired by this palette, too, I'd love to see it pop up in the #opgivewarmth pool on IG!

For those of you who missed the announcement (or would like a refresher), this project is a monthly callout for charity blocks that will benefit My Very Own Blanket (specifically, children in the Indiana foster care system).  All styles and piecing methods are welcome.  I only ask two things:  (1)  that your block(s) fits a 3" grid system (i.e. finished sizes of 3", 6", 9", 12", 15", etc., so add a ½" to each of those to allow for seam allowance), and (2) that they mesh with that (or any prior) month's color palette.

Address for #opgivewarmth blocks:

My Very Own Blanket
c/o Sarah Sharp
P.O. Box 4586
Carmel, Indiana 46082



  1. I'd managed to miss the notice about the sale!! Thanks a bank account now weeps. ^_^
    I owe you an email or two (OMG OMGOMG excited!!) but I spent my evening shopping instead. (ouch)

  2. I found a perfect pair of fat quarters for this palette... and my supposed-to-finish at 12.5" block is more like 12.25". Gnargh!

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