Thursday, October 31, 2013

BQF: wish upon a shooting star {baby}

My second entry into Amy's Fall 2013 BQF happens to be the (only) other quilt I've finished since the summertime:  daydreams + 'shott{ing} stars {baby quilt category}:

For anyone who missed it, 'shott here stands for oakshott.  As in, many thanks again to Michael Oakshott and Lynne of Lily's Quilts for sending what I now know to be called the Lakes fat eighth pack my way back in September as part of their monthly Made With Oakshott challenge.

The Lakes shot cottons all share a blue warp, but it was really interesting to see how differently all twelve shades interacted depending on the lighting and angle of the fabric.

After handling them a bit, I found something of a divide in the pack.  One group gives off a warmer, purply vibe...

Doesn't the trickery come to life in this shot?  Wait, is that a hint of blue?  Red? Pink?!  Yes, yes, and yes, friend!

...While the second, cooler set comes across a little more crisp:

Side bar:  There are only four different oakshotts in this block.  Can you tell which two aren't repeated? #neveradullangle

How fortunate that these were destined for a day-and-night themed quilt before arriving on my doorstep :)

Because two sides...

Means twice the fun ;)

Be sure to swing by the festival (if you haven't already) for lots and lots of inspiring designs!



  1. I've told you that I love this one before, right? If not, I really do. You've found a way to show off those beautiful shot cottons to their wonderfulness.... I've only just started adding them into my stash but I do so love the way they look and feel!

    Gorgeous job!

    Could you just post this quilt every month or so? Just so it keeps finding it's lovely way into my RSS feed and making me happy? Cool, thanks.
    *sigh* I started working on a low volume + shot cotton quilt and it's just not doing it for me. And I'm realizing that the reason why is I really need to be using Oakshotts. *cry* #expensivetastes

  3. Wish you luck. Jumping in the woods deserves some votes for sure, he he.

  4. What a beautiful two-sided quilt. You did a great job matching the sides, too.

  5. This is such a fun and happy quilt!

  6. I love it, such a pretty (and clever!) quilt. Great backgrounds fabrics and the shot cottons are just perfect.

  7. This quilt is really truly amazingly gorgeous. Want.

  8. I really really love this quilt! I love the light and dark sides, the quilting that matches on each side. It's just amazing!

  9. Not fair.... this quilt is so fabulous it is unfair to us other quilters entered in the Festival.

  10. That's so lovely! I love the quilting and the text on the fabric.


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