Wednesday, January 9, 2013

isn't she lovely: dainty dresden

Made this for a truly lovely little lady who arrived last month.

When we found out one of my husband's closest friends and his new bride were expecting a baby girl, I couldn't help but spoil mama+baby with a splash (okay, flood) of pink.

Here are a couple shots I snapped as the quilt was underway...

Matching up the shades of pink and tan.
Admiring a pieced (and crisply ironed) plate.

I first discovered the dresden block a couple years ago when I picked up a copy of Material Obsession's first book by the same title. I still haven't made their Dotty Dresden (it's the one on the cover), but you'll be seeing it one of these days! (I'm thinking Riley Blake Ombre dots?)

Alas, I digress.  A simple dresden just seemed like a natural fit for this joyous occasion.  My favorite thing about this quilt is the order and repetition:  simple, yet striking.  But then again, "repetitive gradient" is sort of my MO (just you wait!). I used an (orderly) array of white <--> beige fabrics for the background to add a little variation, but otherwise kept the pink plates as uniform as possible.  Needless to say, the design will definitely remain a staple in the {no} hats pattern collection for years to come ;)

This beauty was hard to part with, but I know it's got a lifetime of love (and adventure!) in store in its new home.

On to the next...!


  1. Those are beautiful -- what a great way to spoil Mommy and Baby! :-)

  2. I couldn't go past without commenting on this gorgeous quilt. I absolutely adore it. I want one for me. Maybe even two :-) I ahven't done a dresden yet, but I think they always look so classic and elegant.
    E xx


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