Tuesday, June 25, 2019

2019 Pantone Quilt Challenge {WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!}

The 2019 Pantone Quilt Challenge: LIVING CORAL results are in!

We think it goes without saying that every year, we continue to be blown away by the creativity you all bring to this little competition. Once Becca at Bryan House Quilts and I got the linky party live (after a, err, slightly rocky start), we were both pretty giddy as the entries started pouring in. SO. MUCH. TALENT.




Needless to say, Erika Bea, Lucy Tiffney, and Tula Pink had their work cut out for them! Funny story. While the judges were ultimately able to narrow down their picks, THE VIEWERS (in two instances) WERE NOT! That's right peeps. This year we have a record TWO dead ties in the Viewer's Choice category. Serendipitously, one of two (again, in each instance) aligned with the judges' selections, so in the interest of fairness we will be sending the prize to the quilt that had not already won an award. But you know, because Viewers' Choice is kind of a big deal, prize or not, we wanted to acknowledge both.


Thank you again to all the generous sponsors for supporting the challenge, year after year.


QUILTS (Tula Pink)

  • Viewer’s Choice: TIE between Refracted by Travis Seward @travlis and Reflecting Facades (above) (1 Aurifil cone ($50) and digital LP&Q subscription)

MINIS  (Erika Bea)

  • Judge’s 1st:

    • Global: Mini Elephant by @selbermacherin (1 Large Collection Aurifil ($140) + Pantone Box)

JUST-THE-TOP (Lucy Tiffney)

  • Viewer’s Choice: TIE between Pickle Dish by Jill Fisher @pieladyquilts and Coral Coreopsis (above) (1 Aurifil cone ($50) and digital LP&Q subscription)

It's once again been an absolute pleasure hosting this annual challenge. We'll be reaching out individually to the award winners above and our door prize recipients for shipping information and those pesky details. Thank you for making this such a joy to host and to watch. Can't wait for 2020!


  1. All beautiful works. Congrats to all of the winners.

  2. That is amazing there were 2! ties!!! Big congrats to the winners! I would not want to be a judge!!!! Thanks so much, Rebecca and Sarah, the amazing judges and the wonderful sponsors! It was such fun!!!!!

  3. Wow!!! Such gorgeous quilts. So inspiring!

  4. Is this contest for modern quilting? I was surprised to see what won, no offence to anyone ...I'm just surprised at how it all is so modern. Perhaps I'm missing something but where are the traditional quilts?


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