Sunday, April 10, 2016

feather ring

Based on the actual size of the five feathers in the pattern, this layout would finish ~25-30" square. 

Up until recently, I considered myself the reigning queen of no-repeats.  If you asked me, I'd have told you it's very hard for me to make the same thing twice.  Ergo, no repeats, right?  Then, unsolicited and out of the blue, a good friend told me I'm "the master of multiple versions."


...Say what?!  She totally didn't mean it in a bad way, just a general observation about my work.  So then I started to think back on my valise of (evidently) many versions.

There's Liberty and Justice For All + Karma √† la Clematis ...

Catching Dreams by Sunrise + Painted Dreamcatcher:

...and Dip Dye Dreamcatcher:

Painted Leaf No. 1 + Painted Leaf No. 2:

...and Cultivated Leaf:

...and Green Leaf (No. 4?):

Alllllllright.  Touch√©, my friend.  :o)  So, in an effort to keep things from getting overly repetitive over here, I'm going to start rethinking my original concepts and turning them into something, well,  something you've haven't *exactly* seen before.  ;o)

Ode's name alone is rich with potential.  (Ode to oh so many things!)  I've got a lot in store for Ode, more on that to come.  Painted Dreamcatcher, on the other hand, had me stumped.  Not a whole lot of room for pattern-hacking when the pattern is (mostly) one oversized, foundation paper pieced block.  So then I started studying the individual feathers blocks, which are broken out in the pattern file.   Suddenly, it seemed they might have *just* enough give to link together into a ring...

And with that, Painted Dreamcatcher made way for Feather Ring.

With ~25-30" blocks, this layout would finish at full/queen.  
I love how it's reminiscent of Denyse Schmidt's "single girl" design but brings its own ethereal vibe.

...Or rings? (Such is the blessing (curse?) of free photo collage software!)

So, what you do think?  Do you prefer singular, or plural?  And who knows!  Maybe I'll set out to make the latter and wind up with just the one.  After all, don't want to be too predictable over here.  ;o)


  1. Hahahaha I knew you had a "style" but I never noticed the strong themes. Feathers and rings DO seem to be your thing, but in a fantastic way. :)
    I personally like the block repeated, but it truly works both ways. Obviously when you make it a pattern you should just offer both. :D

  2. Well frankly I can't get enough of your painted leaf design and can't wait to get my version back when it's done it's tour of duty. So repeat away.... But I do love your feathers and love the circular design so yes please.

  3. Master of multiple versions--I love that!! It's also really fun to see all of your variations! I love the feather ring, and think it would work gorgeously singularly or in multiples. Time will tell how it takes shape in your studio.... I know it will be gorgeous either way!

  4. So much beautiful work! I went to a talk once about quilt design where the speaker reiterated some advice she was given which was if you love something you've made do it again, if you don"t love it, do it again, it's how we fine tune our design and crafting skills. The other suggestion was to scale it up or down. I keep intending to put it into practice, but am still trying to make some of the ideas in the backlog...I'm loving the feathery circle, can't wait to see that emerge in your inimitable style!

  5. I'm sure it wouldn't be a repeat if you did a painted leaf with a ring of feathers around it!


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