Friday, February 21, 2014

m+m+m+m {layer cake alonging}

material girl quilts + moda + malka dubrawsky + michael oakshott 

Have you heard about the Layer Cake Sampler Quilt Along hosted by Amanda of Material Girl Quilts?  As many of you may or may not have figured out by now, Amanda works across the hall from me.  (And not in some strange, figural sense.  I mean her office is quite literally twenty feet away from mine.)  So when she mentioned she was asking Moda to supply a few layer cakes for her QA, I may or may not have started making my wish list immediately.

At the top of that list?  Malka Dubrawsky's latest line, "From Outside In."  I always admired her first collection ("A Stitch in Color") but was never lucky enough to get my hands on any.  Well, thanks to Amanda and Moda, my luck certainly changed this time around :)

Naturally the first order of business once I had these in hand was to sort "From Outside In" in color order (by moonlight, no less, as that's when most items get crossed off the creative agenda in this house).

I then trimmed my earthy oakshott elements into forty 10" squares (read:  I made my own multi-gradient background layer cake), matched up the two stacks, and X'd away per the hostess's instructions.

Next up on the to do list?  Sewing, cutting, and trimming forty sets of squares into 320 (!) 4½" HSTs.  Good thing I've got a perfectly-sized square ruler on standby?  ;o)

This quilt is definitely unlike any I've done before ('along or otherwise), and I think that's why I was so happy to try it out à la {no} hats.  (I'm loving the opportunity to play around with Malka's vibrant color scheme in the comfortable context of my trademark gradient style.  My husband is just thrilled that we'll finally have a bed-sized quilt that won't take ages to finish.  Win win?  I think so!)

So, will you be sewing along with us?  If you haven't already, you should take a look at the background information here.  If you like what you see, join the flickr group over here to share your progress, or use the hashtag #layercakesamplerqal on IG.  Or both :)

Hope to see you around those parts, and looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!


  1. Those earthy Oakshott's are beauts!

  2. Your work is beautiful and so distinctive. Absolutely love this one, too.

  3. The patterns look gorgeous and amazing. I would like to sew a carpet notext from this fabric cause it is amazing.
    Very lovely.


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