Tuesday, March 26, 2013

HSTs + horses

Well, technically just one horse.  This guy:

A sweet, "peeping" horse, thanks (again) to the creative Sonja for the fabulously fun pattern.  (Note:  I poster-printed the file at ~180% so he'll be closer to 16" x 20" than the original 8" x 10").

He's in the mix with these HSTs (soon-to-be paper hats):

And this barn-sized carpenter's star in shades of burgundy and brown:

Side bar:  I thought about trying to get a better picture this afternoon, but melted snow doesn't make for the greatest backdrop, so this will have to do!

The top measures 90" x 90", yikes.  Still finalizing a quilting design, so any advice is much appreciated!  Right now I'm thinking of echoing the outer edges of the star on the background, then doing continuous line quilting along the spikes of the outer ring and center star... Hm, who knows!  Totally open to suggestions if any come to mind ;)

Also, non sequitur, but does anyone know how to tell the difference between the front/back of solid fabric? Is there even a true front and back? Sometimes the sheen looks a little different on one side, but even then I'm not quite sure what to make of it... just wondering if anyone had any tips to share!

Linking up with Lee at freshly pieced.  I wish I had time to write more (this post feels like a WIP!) but sadly non-sewing deadlines have kept me on my toes (and pretty much off my machine) the past week and a half.

Here's to getting back into the s{e}wing of things ;)


  1. The answer to your 'is there a right or a wrong way to solids' is here:

  2. I love that carpentar's star. really lovely. No ideas for quilting, but definitely going in my pile of "things to make".

  3. That is sooo cute! You chose the perfect prints!

  4. Adore that horse block; it just makes me smile. No great quilting advice, but I was taught that you bought both sides of a fabric so feel free to use them both :-) Batiks can be equally tricky to decide so just pick the side that looks best to you.

  5. That horse is awesome! Very fun block! I love your giant carpenter's star...no help on the quilting though.

  6. That horse is awesome!!! I see so much that I've even managed to post word for word what someone else did. Also, I'm loving the giant star quilt, there's something so awesome about them :-)

  7. The horse block looks really fantastic - you did a great job with that!

    I've often wondered about the front/back thing with solids too. I made a baby quilt a couple years ago where on the back of the quilt I'd inserted a row of blocks between two stretches of solid blue and one half was noticeably shiny, even after I'd washed it a couple times. Drove me crazy because I hadn't noticed any differences when I was piecing it! Considering that comment up above leading to that blurb from a book about Kona cottons, it makes me wonder what was up - if it was sizing making one side shiny, for example, washing it should have helped, I'd have thought. Hm. Anyway, thinking out loud... :D



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