Thursday, July 20, 2017

lav' bedtime bugs {wonderful things fabric blog tour}

Yep, you read that right!

Today is all about wonderful things, like lavender, fabric, and bedtime bugs(!)  (You know, the good kind.)

You see, our fearless little F lives for the outdoors, but is terrified of bugs.  In a funny sort of way.  I mean, this two-year old will pick up worms on our hikes, yet other times she'll see the teeeeeniest speck on the move and will sound the alarm:

"BUG!!! Da bug out dere! Get 'im! Noooo! Buggy!"

At some point, my husband told her not to worry, that mommy eats the bugs.  (Say WHAT?!)  Which means that for a while, her reaction to any six-legged friend (foe?) ended with the query, "Mommy eat it?", eyes full of wonder and head tilted to the side, as if I'd really come to the rescue.

...How wonderful? :)  But rather than resorting to that just yet, I'm hoping some colorful, paper-pieced critters will help her warm up to the real ones.  First up?  Da ANTS!  Inspired, yet again, by our charismatic little Picasso....

By F, age 2

Originally I'd wanted to make a whole bug quilt with these flashy picnic-crashers crawling every which way (and I still might)....

But to ease into things, I decided to stitch up a single pair of six-sided, six-legged friends using Bonnie's new Wonderful Things fabric.  (Don't even get me started on Aquarelle Study in Tint... allllll the heart eyes for that one, Bonnie.)

Add into the mix a hint of lavender and flax and—just like that—we've got some warmable little heat packs to help make bedtime a little less, shall we say, hectic?  (The struggle is real!! Are we the only ones?! I don't know about you, but with three girls under five, bedtime at our house has a pretty rowdy vibe at the moment... S.O.S.!)

So... relaxation-inducing bedtime bugs?  A wonderful thing indeed.

Because who wouldn't welcome these fanciful floral friends next to their pillow at night? The only bugs you want anywhere near your bed, amiright?! ;)  Next up in the pattern design queue, maybe some ladybugs, leafhoppers or crickets to join the Bedtime Bug crew—what do you think?  (P.S. Follow along on Instagram to see who'll wind up tucked in next!)

And tell me, any aromatherapy aficionados out there?  I've been chatting with my self-proclaimed semi-crunchy cousin about this too:  Chill Pill and Cheer Up Buttercup are at the top of her list.  What's on yours?  This newbie would love it if you'd share your favorite nighttime (or anytime!) blends in the comments :)

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to follow along with the tour over the next several weeks to soak in all sorts of wonderful things made from Wonderful Things, starting with Haley tomorrow!




  1. I hear you on the bedtime craziness! Your bugs are awesome. I may have to give them a go. :)

  2. Who would have thought that I would love a bug....too cute.

  3. Love the ants! Did you make the pattern? It's really adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love these ants and the story that goes with it. Mommy the bug muncher - hilarious!

  5. Hi Sarah! These are the best! Absolutely want to see more - leaf and grass hoppers are my favourites! You know we would love to get patterns! No ideas for the bed time but I hope these ants help. x Teje

  6. What? I love these so much! Will you be releasing a pattern?? Great job, Sarah!

  7. Darling. Hope everyone is loving bedtime!

  8. Love the bugs! I've been trying to find your brilliant cut pattern from 2013 and I'm having no luck. Where can I buy it?

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