Monday, October 31, 2016

swanzzz {good night // hello, ollie!}

The moment I saw the sleepy tones in Bonnie's new organic line (Hello, Ollie), I knew exactly what to make.  (And, judging by the last stop of the tour, it turns out I wasn't exactly alone!)

You see, around the time Bonnie first asked us to participate, I'd been exploring a snoozy #yawnquilt theme, which made its way into this pillow for my zzz-inspiring friend, Alison:

And of course, those sleepy swans in her line had just the perfect potential to become ZZZ's all their own.

And with that, a bevy of swanzzz was born.

Of course ever since making this little naptime quilt I've been dreaming up another muted version of this design...

I've had to set it aside for various reasons, and likewise have been a bit delayed getting the paper piecing pattern released (apologies to those who've asked!) But let's just say that by the time the swans migrate (...south, and then back north again, that is), I'll be posting the pattern with a few layout options (think bevy // swimming in a line) to my little shop.  (For those who are patient enough to stick around, anyway!)

And for now, I'm so glad you've stopped by, and hope you'll follow along with the other stops of the Hello, Ollie tour for more gorgeous inspiration!


  1. Your paper piecing is so clever! Love the little Z-swans and their faces are so perfect. :D

  2. I also think you are very clever! The quilt is beautiful!

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