Friday, March 27, 2015

inside addition {oakshott + low volume}

The Painted Leaf mini no. 2 might've made its way to its new home, but the low volume/oakshott #insideadditionquiltalong blocks are here to stay.

This project snuck onto my to do list a few months back when Jessica (@alittlegressica)—aka my Sew Down Nashville neighborposted the block instructions on IG:  

As luck would have it, I happened to have a double rainbow's worth of 4" oakshott strips on hand.  So I got to work cutting them into squares, and then rummaged through my low volume stash and repeated the exercise.

Within no time, I had stitched countless HSTs and started playing with a gradient of cooler tones...

Which were shortly joined by the rest of the rainbow.

To make this.

And if you look closely, you'll notice I snuck some mini charm squares (trimmed to 2") into the mix (Carolyn Friedlander's "favorites" and Tula Pink's "Moonshine"). 

Why?  Probably because Jessica did something similar during our class with Carolyn Friedlander last spring, and I've been wanting to borrow the idea ever since. ;o)

With any luck these blocks will soon be our eldest's newest nap time quilt for preschool.  Or for mommy.  Because we need naps too, right? ;o)



  1. Beautiful! I love that you mixed the placement of color in each block. The whole thing looks uniform, like it's tricking your eye.

    How was it sewing with all those oakshotts? They feel so flimsy, that I've worried about sewing an entire top with them and having the rows warp when trying to sew them together. Did you pin a lot or starch? Or was it fine and I'm just crazy?

  2. I just love everything about this!! What a great quilt.

  3. Love it! You did a fantastic job with the gradient flow of this quilt! After this should take a nap!

  4. swoon! this is so good, sarah!

  5. Wow, I love this combination, really beautiful!

  6. I love that you mixed up your low volumes too, it looks so scrappy delicious :) This block looks good in every combination I've seen it.

  7. Oh I just love the mix of color on the triangles and the low volumes and who doesn't love a plus quilt?? :)

  8. This looks fantastic. It looks like a fun make

  9. You must have a huge oakshott collection - this is beautiful!

  10. Looks great! You sure know how to play with color!

  11. *sigh* So gorgeous. oakshotts + lv is still a weakness of mine!!

  12. Stunning, I absolutely love this.


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